E Ink Foldable E-Reader Has Foldable Lights, Takes Notes

It sports a 10.3-inch screen, lightbars, and bezels.
Fabienne Lang
E-reader open (left), and with LED lights on (right)Goodereader/YouTube

Foldable e-readers are becoming more and more the norm, not quite reaching the same level as foldable smartphones yet, but with the latest prototype, they're getting there. 

E Ink Corporation has unveiled the updated prototype of its latest foldable e-reader, which has an incredible 10.3-inch screen, allows its user to take notes, and has movable LED lighting. 

The news was first shared via GoodEReader on Sunday.


Read, write, fold, repeat

This recent prototype is an updated and more refined version of the one E Ink shared in June just this year. According to GoodEReader, the new version has what looks like a sturdier hinge system, an outer shell, five buttons down the side, fold-down lights, and a better user experience in general with less black in the backdrop of the screen. 

On top of all that, you can annotate what you're reading by using the e-reader's stylus. 

It's not quite ready to hit stores' shelves, though. As per the Verge, there appears to still be a little work to be done on the hinge, which, even though allows for the e-reader to fold and unfold without snapping too quickly or slowly, it's still pretty robust.

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On top of that, the light bars need to be folded down — a feature that some may see as great given the lighting on each side of the tablet is equal, however, to others it's a little cumbersome to have to fold and unfold them.

That said, given the e-reader's size it'll prove especially useful when reading digital newspapers or anything requiring a slightly larger, and thus more comfortable, screen.

You'll have to wait and see what the final product ends up looking like, however, this is still a pretty nifty prototype that would already make a number of people satisfied.

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