E-One Is Delivering the First Fully-Electric Fire Truck in North America

Firefighting may never be the same.
Derya Ozdemir
E-ONE Vector fire truck.REV Fire Group

Electrification is making its way into fire trucks.

A specialty vehicle designer and manufacturer called REV Group, which offers everything from emergency service vehicles to buses, has announced it has secured an order to build its reportedly all-electric, E-ONE Vector fire truck for the Mesa Fire and Medical Department in Arizona, which will help the city reach carbon neutrality by 2050, according to a press release.

The truck has a 316 kWh battery pack and a 400 kW electric motor, according to InsideEVs, and when built and delivered, it'll be the first fully electric fire truck in North America.

The delivery is scheduled to take place in 2022.

Fighting fire with electric

REV Group's fire division alone has six different brands, including E-ONE. The Vector, according to E-ONE, has the longest electric pumping duration in the industry, allowing four hose lines to work for four hours on a single charge, which is incredibly important when firefighters are on the field, battling ever-growing fires.

"In developing the Vector, we worked closely with our customers to identify their product needs. Using this feedback, we designed a robust EV rig that upholds our commitment to providing the highest quality and best performing fire apparatus," explains Mike Virnig, Vice President of Sales, REV Fire Group. "We are excited to partner with Mesa in protecting both their community and the environment and look forward to delivering the first of these revolutionary EV fire trucks. The Vector is well equipped to serve the needs of Mesa firefighters and customizable for department needs across the country.”

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According to the manufacturer, the E-ONE Vector is the first totally electric fire engine in North America, and it could also be the first one to be used. On the other hand, back in 2020, the Los Angeles City Fire Department announced the purchase of a $1.2 million concept fire truck from Rosenbauer, stating it would be the first in North America, per Electrek. That vehicle was delivered earlier this year, but it's actually a plug-in hybrid electric fire truck with an on-board internal combustion engine range-extender, so, technically, the first battery electric fire truck in North America has yet to be delivered.

However, it appears that REV Group's E-ONE is up to the task, and while the industry is still in its infancy, the EV market is expanding, with the U.S., European, and Chinese markets leading the charge, and electrification of such vehicles will be an essential part of the future of both transportation and mobility.

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