The world's first all-electric race boat aced its first test

And its novel electric foil was key.
Loukia Papadopoulos
E1’s RaceBird.E1

Have you heard of the E1 World Electric Powerboat Series? It's the Formula 1 for race boats and it boasts some pretty powerful models.

The E1 series will essentially be an electrified version of the F1H20 powerboat racing series and will utilize a hydrofoil design for its boats, allowing them to be lifted some 16 in (40 cm) over the water's surface.

Now, one of the boasts called the RaceBird made to compete in the race has finally been tested and it performed even better than expected, according to a statement published by E1 on Monday.

Taking flight for the first time

"E1’s innovative electric foiling race boat took flight for the first time on the River Po close to San Nazzaro in northern Italy, with the RaceBird prototype successfully completing a series of tests and performance runs with ex-powerboat champion Luca Ferrari behind the wheel," said the organization.

"The RaceBird engineers conducted a number of technical tests and systems checks to assess the overall performance and reliability of the boat and the various electrical components."

The RaceBird was engineered by Alejandro Agag, the founder of the Formula E and Extreme E electric racing series, and Rodi Basso, the former Director of Motorsport at McLaren. Needless to say, these fellows knew exactly what they were doing when they built this prototype and its impressive electric foil.

All about the electric foil

According to CleanTechnica, at the boat’s static debut, designer Sophi Horne had this to say about the RaceBird's electric foil which garnered the boat much attention: “Originally we had proposed another design with an open cockpit, but we needed more safety. This new design is built by Victory Marine, which is also involved in the development of the technology and the foils, has a closed cockpit and an outboard motor a little further back than the first design. The foils are also shorter and more centered, so the boat can turn faster. We’ve put a lot of work into the foil design to produce a boat that is even more efficient than the first design.”

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