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Headphones are a great way to listen to music on the go but let’s face it, the cords that come with them are nothing but a pain. They get tangled up just looking at them and then they have the ability to catch on to just about any object getting pulled from the ears. Of course there are wireless headphones and these don’t have the hassles associated with the wired ones. Soon there will be another type to choose from, Earity, earbuds that will respond to your voice.


[Image Source: Earity]

Maksym Vysochaskiy, the CEO and founder of Earity, said that he got the idea for the earbuds when he was driving along in his car. Driving using a mobile phone increases the risk of an accident and in some parts of the world it is illegal to drive with a mobile in your hand. He came up with an idea that would offer a solution that wasn’t distracting in regards to screening and then answering or rejecting a call.


[Image Source: Earity]

The Earity earbuds connect up with a mobile handset via Bluetooth 4.0, with a range of 32 feet. If you get a phone call the earbuds will give you an alert and tell you who is calling. You then simply have to say yes or no, depending on whether you want to accept the call or reject it. Being able to simply say yes or no isn’t distracting and is aimed at those who have a habit of reaching out for their phone when driving.


[Image Source: Earity]

The company behind Earity claim that the earbuds also offer drivers the choice of listening to music as they drive and they offer music that is crystal clear. Music however isn’t controlled via voice but your thumb.


[Image Source: Earity]

The Earity earbuds are packaged in a tube, which provides storage for the earbuds when you are not using them and also cleverly acts as the charger.


[Image Source: Earity]

The earbuds rely on a 90mAh battery and when charged it should offer 20 days use. The earbuds have been launched on an Indiegogo campaign today so that production can be scaled up. You can pledge US$79 and this will get you a pair of the Earity earbuds and the unique storage and charging case when they begin shipping in January 2015, of course providing everything works out as planned.


[Image Source: Earity]


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