This seagull-looking eVTOL might be the future of urban travel

Blade and Beta marks an important step towards the mission of providing passengers with reliable urban air travel experiences.
Kavita Verma


New York City just took a giant leap into the sky! For the first time, an electric air taxi made its inaugural flight around Gotham. This aerial marvel is set to revolutionize urban transportation with clean energy and on-demand convenience - talk about flying high in style!

Blade Air Mobility and BETA Technologies achieved a milestone this Tuesday. They have successfully tested their first-ever electric vehicle, or air taxi, in the greater NYC area. 

An alternative for people looking to dodge traffic

Two powerhouses in the aviation industry, Blade and Joby Aviation, have taken to the skies together. Their mission? To revolutionize air travel by making flying taxis that can fly like a plane and ascend like a helicopter available for commercial use! 

Rob Wiesenthal has high hopes that "this will be the mainstay" not just for him but for his entire industry moving forward. 

In addition to creating these fantastic new aerial options for meeting clients from one side of town to another without having significant traffic delays, Blade also connects flyers with resort destinations, such as rides to JFK Airport from Manhattan. Further, it arranges organ transplant transport flights.

BETA's air taxi- ALIA-250 EVA

ALIA-250 EVA - BETA Air Taxi has been in the works for almost three years. It was influenced by the Arctic tern design. Since terms migrate further than any other type of bird, visiting every corner of the Earth, it inspired the BETA team to construct the most efficient flying method for passengers to migrate anywhere. 

The air taxi consists of two versions- one is for cargo, and the other is for passengers. Blade is ushering in the future of urban transportation with its plan to launch 20 state-of-the-art electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft over US routes this April. 

Boasting a powerful, distributed direct drive propulsion system that can reach 250 NM in just 50 minutes of charge time, this eVTOL will revolutionize air travel – both for passengers and cargo!

A special cargo version has been developed, too; it comes loaded with 200 Ft ^3 storage space instead of seating capacity. The company also plans to install the charging infrastructure necessary to facilitate its full transition into operation.

Blade is taking a giant leap in the future of transportation, introducing electric aircraft to cities worldwide. 

According to Kyle Clark, Beta's founder and CEO: "This flight marks an important step towards our mission of providing passengers with reliable urban air travel experiences."

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