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hanebrink[Image Source : Hanebrink Instagram]

The designer of Hanebrink all-terrain vehicle, Dan Hanebrink, was six time Mountain Bike national class champion and former U.S. National Team member. You may order the bike at Big Bear Lake, California, at the Fortune Hanebrink workshop.

The bike has an aircraft seamless aluminum tube frame, hydraulic disk brakes and a carbon fiber handles with the throttle and motor controller mounted on. The wide 20 x 8-inch tubeless tires connect the frame to the ground.

With its wide tires, 14-speed gears and centrally-located electric motor, the Hanebrink all-terrain vehicle looks like a fun ride. But no matter how it looks, it managed to claim first place in the first Interbike Hill Climb Challenge.

This bike is powered by 600 Watt brushless electric motor positioned in the middle of the frame – just above the pedal crank. The motor is able to power the vehicle up to 20 mph in the highest of the 14 gears without pedaling. In a good pedal rhythm, riders can reach speeds of up to 35 mph.

Lithium ion battery (LiFePO4) forwards to the bike enough power for about an hour of riding on a single charge, which is three hours long. The rear rack could have up to five batteries fitted which will extend the run time to over five hours. Instead of the batteries, the wide aluminium rear rack could carry over 100 pounds of cargo.

Both pedal-only and hybrid pedal/electric versions are assembled to order, the former weighing in at about 45 pounds and the latter about 80 pounds, depending on configuration. There will be more models added to the range and the company is currently looking into securing availability from national and international dealers.

At the moment, the only way to buy the Hanebrink all-terrain vehicle is from Fortune Hanebrink. Hybrid electric pricing starts at US$5,500.

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