This Electric Scarf Gives You a Personal Heater/Cooler on Your Neck

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Scarves are not only meant to be stylish or cool, they are multifunctional tools to protect us from heat or cold and to keep our necks dry in hot weather. A Taiwanese design firm, Moai, came up with an extraordinary gadget, G2T Electric Scarf and is recommending it to travelers, elders, hard workers and people who have hypertension to stay healthy and comfort.

The neck is an important part of our body, as like anywhere else. However with its closeness to the head and brain, it’s an important point which protects the nerves, carries sensory and motor information from the brain to the rest of our body. So, protecting, heating or cooling our neck is really important to keep our entire body safe. The video below will take a closer look at the intruiging G2T scarf meant to be the best gadget for you necks health and safety.

The G2T Electric Scarf has different looks, colors, two models – the classic and special editions – as well as two options designed to be used as heater or cooler. It is available in different sizes also.

introduction_g2t_en_06[Image source: Moai]

G2T scarf works with an external battery pack, to keep away the heavy battery from your neck and shoulders. The battery is then designed to be carried in your coat pocket. The scarf plugs into a USB port or connects to power bank to start. Featuring 10 hours of charge, the scarf is also an eco-friendly product, using only 12kWh per year.

introduction_g2t-n1_plus_1_1024x1024[Image source: Moai]

It has an ergonomic design, and G2T is also made of a skin-friendly fabric, to keep the allergic reactions from happening on users.

introduction_g2t_en_12[Image source: Moai]

Turbo mode option provides faster cooling or heating results.

g2t-n1-plus-e-scarf5[Image source: Moai]

G2T Electric Scarf is really easy to use

First, you put on the cloth covers by your preference and plug in the USB cable to the port. After connecting the power bank, turning on the cooling or heating modes, it warm up or cools down in 5-10 minutes.

g2t-n1-plus-e-scarf14[Image source: Moai]

Turbo mode increases the performance and shortens the warm-up time. After you place the product on the back of your neck, you rotate the neck size knob to adjust the tightness and gently press it to make sure that it fits on your neck.

introduction_g2t_en_13[Image source: Moai]

If you like, you can cover your electric scarf with fabric in heating mode, it just depends on your preference. However, you have to be careful about not covering it up when it is in the cooler mode.

introduction_g2t_en_04[Image source: Moai]

The Sales Director, Jeff Huang, spoke to Daily Mail at CES fair in Las Vegas:

'We have a lot of nerve senses in our neck, so it's very easy to feel either warm or cold, by putting the device there... I'd wear this myself to go out.'

g2t-n1-plus-e-scarf1[Image source: Moai]

They just created a “Global Experiencing Program” and opened it to customers all over the world to buy a G2T-N1 Plus at a great price until December 31st,2016. During this period of time, you can order products on G2T shopping store with free shipping.

introduction_g2t_en_05[Image source: Moai]

If you are from Malaysia or America, you can go to online shopping links to find the product. The limited time program has a maximum of 200 pieces per country and a max of 3 pieces per customer.

g2t-n1-plus-special-edition4[Image source: Moai]

You can easily have the product for around 100-120$ with pre-order through this campaign.

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