Super Sub: This all-electric submersible is 7 knots faster than other submersibles

Super Sub will undergo sea trials in the Spring of 2023.
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The Super Sub.
The Super Sub.

U-Boat Worx 

Super Sub, the ultra-luxury, all-electric, three-person submersible, is now officially better than ever before. Its manufacturer, U-BoatWorx, has confirmed that the submersible's top speed has now been improved to ten knots, up to seven knots faster than existing submersibles.

If the name U-BoatWorx sounds familiar, then let us remind you that this Netherlands-based manufacturer of submersibles has brought radical designs, such as the submersible yacht that can stay underwater for up to four days. These exquisite designs surely come at a price but are meant to deliver experiences that you can get nowhere else.

While the submersible yacht is still a recent concept, the engineers at UBoatWorx have been busy working on an earlier design, the all-electric Super Sub, for which they have exactly one order so far.

What is the Super Sub?

Back in 2021, U-Boatworx claimed that the Super Sub was the most hydrodynamic sub on the market. Powered by four 60kW thrusters, the Super Sub is a droplet-shaped sub with a long tail and advanced wings.

Conspicuous in the design is the acrylic hull that promises unhindered views of the ocean waters. The luxurious submersible is large enough just for three people to take a dive into the depths of the ocean since one has to be the pilot, which leaves space just for you and a special someone who is either interested in submersibles or life underwater.

Super Sub: This all-electric submersible is 7 knots faster than other submersibles
The Super Sub during its flow dynamics computations

If you are looking for a more private getaway, then you should look at Project Hercules, which might be quite a few years away from turning into reality. Super Sub, on the other hand, though, is almost ready in its flesh and skin or hull and rudders, is promisingly luxurious, and pretty fast too.

As Interesting Engineering had previously reported, the submersible is powered by lightweight lithium-ion batteries that, when called upon, can deliver 9.9 tons (9,000 kg) of thrust. This can result in a top speed of eight knots, which is faster than that of a bottlenose dolphin.

Recent improvements to the Super Sub

According to the recent press release, the team at U-Boat Worx has collaborated with MARIN, the Dutch maritime research institute which specializes in computational flow dynamics, and further optimized the Super Sub's design.

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Following these efforts, the flow dynamics of the Super Sub are now as efficient as an electric car, and the top speed of the submersible has significantly improved from the eight knots estimated earlier to ten knots, U-Boat Worx claims.

Together with its ability to perform 30-degree climbs and dives and a depth rating of 984 feet (300 m), the Super Sub will let its passengers swim with the bottlenose dolphins and many other creatures in the sea.

The superfast Super Sub was introduced only in 2021, and U-Boat Worx has claimed that the first piece of the design is already sold. While the owner wants to remain unidentified, it might not remain so for long. The submersible maker plans to carry out sea trials of the Super Sub in the spring of 2023, and we might soon know who the proud owner is.

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