Electricity grows on trees in Israel thanks to the eTree

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The old saying that money doesn’t grow on trees is unfortunately correct but when it comes to electricity growing on trees a company from Israel decided to make it reality. Sologic came up with the eTree, a tree-like structure with solar panel leaves which doubles as a meeting spot and a place to recharge electronic devices and connect to the internet.


[Image Source: Sologic]

The eTree is part of a social-environmental enterprise along with being an ecological sculpture. The company behind it wants to promote awareness of the environment and sustainability by bonding the environment and community together.


[Image Source: Sologic]

The eTree has branches which hold solar panels and these harvest energy from the sun which is then used to power USB charging points via a docking station for the mobile devices or tablets of those resting under the tree. At the same time people can get Wi-Fi free in the surrounding area along with being able to check out an LCD display that offers information including how much electricity the tree has generated. It also doubles up as a light when the sun sets.


[Image Source: Sologic]

The tree has been designed from metal piping and stands at 3.5 meters tall. Along with being a way of generating electricity, the solar panels resting on the branches offer much needed shade from the sun on hot days. The configuration of the tree can be altered, for instance branches can be used as seating for people. The design also features a water trough, providing water for pets, along with a fountain of drinking water for people.

etree-4[Image Source: Sologic]

The tree was specifically designed to be used in urban and residential areas; this includes parks, universities, courtyard and schools. As the configuration can be changed, it can be tailored to meet the specific needs when placed at the site. The eTree was positioned recently in Israel at the Ramat Hanadiv nature park and it is the first of its kind.

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