Elon Musk Says AI Will Beat Us at Everything By 2030

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Will AI robots take over your job? Tesla founder, Elon Musk, thinks AI will beat humans at everything by the year 2030. In a Twitter response to a research paper that hypothesize the human race will be overtaken by AI equipped robots by 2060, Musk mused “Probably closer to 2030 to 2040 in my opinion,”.

The study Musk commented on claims that machines could outperform humans in all tasks within 45 years. The statistics were gathered from a survey of more than 350 artificial intelligence researchers. 45 years might seem like a reasonable amount of time to cope with the news. But the study goes on to claim that within 7 years computers will be better at translating languages and by 2026 they could be writing our school essays! It also claims a best-selling book could be written by an AI by 2049 and that AI equipped computers would be in the operating theater by 2053.

Elon Musk Says AI Will Beat Us at Everything By 2030

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Elon Musk and AI

Elon Musk has invested heavily in AI and robotics. Not only in his car and space aeronautics companies but as a serious sponsor of the independent research company Open AI.

Earlier this year Musk confirmed he was investing in Neuralink, another research company that will develop brain-machine interfaces that will connect humans and computers.

All the news from Tesla's annual shareholder meeting

Elon Musk is a busy boy. Yesterday at the Tesla shareholder meeting Musk released details of the electric car company’s new model and took a personal approach to a Q&A session from his twitter followers.

Here is a summary of some of the Tesla highlights from yesterday:

Board to stay

The Tesla board rejected a motion to make board directors face annual elections. The move would have meant a more transparent board structure for institutional investors. However, as the motion was defeated the current process of members serving staggered, three-year terms will remain.

Autopilot redeveloped

After the acrimonious split with Israeli tech firm Mobileye last year, Tesla is ready to roll out new versions of its autopilot software. Musk admits that it was hard work heading back to the drawing board after a heavy investment in the Mobileye sensors and algorithms, but he claims the new software will eclipse anything seen previously.

Tesla and Mobileye split ways after disagreeing on who was responsible for the death of Joshua Brown who died in a fatal collision when his Tesla Model S electric Sedan hit a semi-trailer on a Florida highway in May 2016.

Semi-trailer to be released in September

Musk hinted at exciting announcements in September, the proposed date for the Tesla Semi’s release. The Semi will debut in September despite no details being released on how the vehicle will be able to produce enough energy to haul long-distance cargo.

Musk gets Musical

Musk is further spreading his interests as he promised a special announcement soon about a new music product that would improve on current music algorithms and playlist quality. This must be a close to Musk’s heart as when questioned what he did in his spare time he could only offer ‘listening to music in his car.’

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