Elon Musk Announced That Tesla's Solar Roof Is Now up for Sale

Kathleen Villaluz

A very recent tweet by Elon Musk announced that Tesla's Solar roof are now up for sale and can be ordered from any country, which will be shipped to the US this year and overseas in the coming year.

This quick turnover between the announcement, from 6 months ago, and commercial sale now just prove that Elon Musk is one of the most serious innovators of our generation.

The Solar panel is eco-friendly as it does not emit carbon dioxide and can also avoid relying on fossil fuels for domestic energy. If you invest in this solar power system, you can significantly increase the property value of your home. By generating your own electricity, Solar can lower utility bills and provide homeowners more control both on the production of energy and consumption.

For Tesla's Solar Roof to compete with non-solar roofs, the company said that a panel must be priced under $24.50. And they remained committed to what they stated as the company revealed that the Solar Roof will cost $21.85 per square foot.

Tesla's energy suite

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Tesla doesn't just produce solar panels that can harness the sun's energy, the company also manufactures Powerwall batteries where the captured energy can be stored. Powerwall will bank up the excess energy harnessed during the day and automatically release it once the sun has set. This tandem between Solar and Powerwall ensures that users are provided with a power source for 24/7. Using the two Tesla products, the environmental and cost benefits of solar energy can be taken advantage of.

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Back in November 2016, Tesla acquired SolarCity in order to integrate the two companies for an easier consumer experience. Musk explained this integration in the master plan that he updated last year.

"Create a smoothly integrated and beautiful solar-roof-with-battery product that just works, empowering the individual as their own utility, and then scale that throughout the world. One ordering experience, one installation, one service contact, one phone app. We can't do this well if Tesla and SolarCity are different companies, which is why we need to combine and break down the barriers inherent to being separate companies. That they are separate at all, despite similar origins and the pursuit of the same overarching goal of sustainable energy, is largely an accident of history. Now that Tesla is ready to scale Powerwall and SolarCity is ready to provide highly differentiated solar, the time has come to bring them together".

Tesla's solar roof

[Image Source: Tesla]

Musk's summary of his Master Plan Part Deux, with regards to Tesla's Solar roof, is to "create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage". It's amazing how technology and design can produce an efficient system as well as beautiful aesthetics. Furthermore, the Tesla Solar roof tiles are also of high-strength quality, which was demonstrated by a video posted by Musk on his Instagram account.

Tesla also offers commercial organizations and government entities to take advantage of the solar and Powerpack systems to achieve greater energy control, reliability, and security.

Visit Tesla's website to find out how you can get your hands on a Solar roof and Powerwall.

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