Elon Musk Announces Moon Mission Will Be Streamed in VR

The SpaceX CEO tweeted that the 2023 moon project will be streamed in high definition VR for those stuck on earth.
Shelby Rogers

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted out to followers that the company's highly anticipated moon mission will be streamed in real time virtual reality. 

"It'll feel like you're there in real-time minus a few seconds for speed of light," he said.

Musk even hinted that the SpaceX Starlink satellite system will be fully operational by that point. Musk said Starlink would aid in the broadcasting of the event, especially whenever the moon is between Earth and the ship. 

It's the perfect alternative for everyone who wasn't one of the eight artists picked to join Japanese CEO Yusaku Maezawa on the 2023 mission around the moon in the SpaceX BFR. 

Maezawa purchased all available seats on the BFR flight. In his announcement as the first SpaceX passenger, Maezawa told the crowd that he didn't want to experience something so awe-inspiring alone. His project -- Dear Moon -- will invite artists from a variety of backgrounds onto the rocket with him. 


No hints yet from either Maezawa or Musk as to who those lucky artists could be. However, when we do get to see the project in 2023, it will be with the promise of some impressive virtual reality if Musk's technology comes to fruition.

Interesting Engineering will continue following this story as it develops and more information about the project becomes available.