Elon Musk Says His Boring Tunnel's First Car Elevator Is Almost Ready to Operate

Kathleen Villaluz

It's that time of the month folks. Our periodic dose of Elon Musk's Boring tunnel video updates has been posted by Musk himself. Achieving groundbreaking innovations is down to one particular personal attribute - the ability to quickly move on. With only a week after the two historic SpaceX missions, the futurist billionaire didn't waste his time savoring the success of his space company's latest achievements. Instead, he immediately shifted his attention back to one of his other innovative projects. The development of the Boring tunnel project.

Latest Boring tunnel developments

In a recent tweet, Musk claimed that the machine he named Godot has just finished carving the first segment of the Boring tunnel in Los Angeles. In line with his tweet, he also posted a photo of the SpaceX building in Hawthorne, California with the caption "Perspective". To us, it hints that the Boring tunnel site is directly facing the SpaceX building.


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This assumption is further reinforced with another recent video post with the words "Across the road and below the ground". In one of his previous posts, Musk said that the test tunnel will be a few hundred feet long when complete. And Godot has taken just more than one month to complete the first segment of the Boring tunnel. Not a bad pace at all for a boring machine that is supposedly 14 times slower than the company's pet snail, Gary.

Apart from dropping clues on where the first Boring tunnel is located, there are also piles of lining segments shown in the background.

Across the road and below the ground

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With only two months between the concept video release of the futuristic Boring tunnel, Musk has revealed today that his company has just installed a steel framing for the car and pod elevator. For those who are not quite familiar with what this steel skeleton is for then this video might put things into perspective.

The steel framing or skeleton Musk was referring to forms the support system of the elevator that seamlessly transports the car and pod from street level to underground level. He even said in his video post that the elevator will be operational by next week. That could mean that we won't have to wait for another month or so to receive updates on the current status of the Boring tunnel project. While the elevator is not as grand as the Boring tunnel itself, it is a key feature of the innovation. Primarily because the tunnel system doesn't require a new and large-scale infrastructure entrance for the cars to join the underground transit network. The cars would simply slip onto the pods at street level and the elevator would shift them down to the subterranean network.

Just installed steel skeleton of car/pod elevator. Should be operating next week.

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Here's a recap of Musk's latest Boring tunnel posts. The location of the project sits directly in front of the SpaceX building in LA. The first segment of the Boring tunnel is completed and the elevator that will transport the cars and pods underground has also been installed. The operation of the elevator can be expected next week. With all of these in hand, it means we wouldn't have to wait for another month or so to see the latest phase of Musk's Boring tunnel project. Personally, I think this is much more exciting than Hyperloop. Just saying.