Elon Musk Casually Announces He is Building a Cyborg Dragon

Elon Musk is claiming he is working on a cyborg dragon. Twitter goes into a frenzy trying to figure out if this might be true.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Last year, Elon Musk’s SpaceX Dragon capsule made its second trip to space. This Wednesday, the billionaire entrepreneur casually announced that he will now be building a cyborg dragon.

In a short tweet that sent the media into a frenzy, Musk wrote “Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon.” The tweet provided no further details but Musk’s followers were quick to chime in with a variety of comments.

One tweet even garnered a response from Musk himself. Tyler Moore joked that it was about time for such a dragon to which Musk replied in agreement that it was a “such an underserved market.”

Could it be true?

Many were quick to point out that Musk does achieve his outrageous visions. After all, his previous announcement about selling flamethrowers was first perceived as a prank till it became reality.

Some people ventured more educated guesses on possible real scenarios for the tweet. A cyborg dragon could be a metaphor for a manned SpaceX Dragon capsule.

Other followers were more sardonic bringing up Musk's current struggle at delivering his Tesla Model 3s. The jabs referred to the clients currently still waiting for their cars.

Elon Musk's previous two posts were retweets of musician Kanye West praising Tesla as the "funnest car" the star had ever driven. The equally extravagant entertainer also thanked Musk.

Distracting the media

The posts may be an attempt to distract media from some recent negative headlines. Just yesterday, a few hours before Musk's cyborg dragon post, Forbes published a piece critical of Musk's Los Angeles Hyperloop tunnel plans.


Meanwhile, last week, announcements were made that the Tesla factory was under investigation over safety concerns. The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration began inspections a day after the news outlet Reveal published claims that the company failed to disclose legally mandated reports on worker injuries.

Early April, Musk also faced backlash from the National Transportation Safety Board over his decision to release information regarding the fatal crash involving a Tesla Model X. The CEO fired back defending his company.

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