Elon Musk confirms HVAC is on Tesla's future products list

Are we heading for a Tesla Home future?
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Could your next HVAC be from Tesla?Heisenberg Media/Wikimedia

After leading the electric vehicle segments with some exciting cars and providing energy storage solutions like the Powerwall, Elon Musk's Tesla will also work to provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solution for residential owners in the future CEO himself tweeted

Summers bring much-needed relief from cold weather in many countries in the West. However, the season is also marked by increased amounts of pollen in the air, resulting in many allergies. One such harried Twitter user wrote to Elon Musk asking the Technoking for help fighting the allergies with an HVAC system, to which Musk promptly replied, 

Musk's plans for the HVAC System

This is not the first time Musk has mentioned an HVAC system for residential purposes. In the past, Musk has said that such a system would not be very different from the one they have already developed for their electric vehicles.

Regular readers might remember the Bioweapon Defense Mode in Tesla cars that cleans the incoming air with quite a high degree of filtration efficiency. The company claims that along with positive cabin pressure, the mode can even keep out a highly infectious virus outside the car at all times.

While that might be up for debate, at the core of these claims is hospital-grade particle filters, which can clean the air better than other cars on the market. Elon Musk is game to apply these learnings from these systems to residential settings, something he also mentioned during an earnings call two years ago, Teslarati reported

Working towards a 'Tesla Home' future? 

Tesla has already gone beyond its electric vehicle and now supplies solar roofing options and an energy storage system for storing renewable power. The company might be busy rolling its cars from its Giga factories now, but Musk has an eye on the future when other EV-makers will catch up, and Tesla will be one of the many EV-makers in the market. 

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An entire ecosystem of products that would help keep the customers loyal to the company would work in tandem, as Musk said in this tweet from 2020. 

Musk also has eyed the "pure, fresh water" that cooling units end up condensing from the ambient air only to dump it on the ground

Last year, the VP of Vehicle Engineering at Tesla, Lars Moravy, said integrating HVAC, energy storage, solar and hot water package for homeowners was the next logical step for the company, and Tesla could integrate all of them better than anyone else, Teslarati said in its report. 

Of course, with all things Tesla, these plans might not seem very ambitious for the company's capability but are never accompanied by a timeline. With the Cybertruck, we have seen how long it can take for the company prototype to get into actual production

So, don't get your hopes high. A Tesla HVAC isn't coming anytime soon. But if it gives you hope, it is on the horizon. 

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