Elon Musk Releases Pictures of Tesla Model 3 After it Handled 1 Million Miles

The Tesla CEO shared updates from his company that show off just how well the Tesla Model 3's drive system handles 1 million miles.
Shelby Rogers

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has never shied away from vouching for the longevity of his cars. However, this might be a new record for his Model 3 units. 

The automaker released pictures of the Model 3 after 1 million miles of testing, and they're impressing even Tesla's skeptics.

The 1 million mile goal is something Musk and his team have been working toward since 2015. During that year, he told investors and shareholders on a conference call:

"We are very happy with the quality of the drive unit. We changed the goal of the drive unit endurance from being approximately 200,000 miles to being a million miles – just basically we want drive units that just never wear out. That’s our goal. I think we made really good progress in that direction. the drive unit that are going out now and for the last several months have been excellent."


The 1 million mile challenge for these vehicles is to power long-haul cars like the Tesla Semi. The Tesla Semi is getting closer to using the company's finalized one-million-mile electric drive train.

This milestone announcement for the Model 3 comes a little over a week after Musk tweeted about the high safety performance features on his cars.

The company even theorized Tesla could be the safest automotive manufacturer in the world:

Interesting Engineering is keeping an eye on Elon Musk's Twitter and the Tesla company announcements for further information. 

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