Elon Musk to build private airport in Texas, sources say

No plans or a location have yet been confirmed.
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Musk is planning an airport in Texas.fatido/iStock
  • Musk has many of his companies in Texas.
  • The CEO would need to meet many regulations to build an airport.
  • No location has been confirmed for the site.

There are always a lot of rumors circulating around Elon Musk. The latest indicates that he may soon be building his very own airport in Texas, according to some sources who told Austonia the airport could soon be in development.

Not many details available

The news source did not reveal the timetable and exact location but said conceptual plans have been confirmed by sources who say the airport would be east of Austin, near Bastrop.

The plan would make sense as Musk has based several of his companies, including SpaceX and the Boring Company, in Texas. He even moved his Tesla HQ from Silicon Valley to Texas in December.

All in all, he owns thousands of acres of land in central Texas, including 2,100 acres for Giga Texas. This means that besides being available for private jet travel for himself and his executives, the potential new airfield could service Musk's companies.

No one yet has an estimate of how much space Musk would use for a private airport. However, nearby Austin Executive Airport has a 6,025-foot runway and over 130,000 sq. ft. of community hangar space.

Elon Musk to build private airport in Texas, sources say
Austin, Texas at night.

Currently, Musk is using a 2015 Gulfstream G650, though it’s been indicated that he has ordered a newer private jet that is expected to be delivered in early 2023. This plane will be essential to the billionaire as trips to Central Texas have increased this year as Tesla ramps up production on its Model Y at Giga Texas.

Musk has already boasted about the site’s proximity to the Austin- Bergstrom International airport at the grand opening of the Gigafactory. The airport is only five miles away, but it seems the CEO would like something even closer and more private.

Building an airport is easier said than done

However, building a new airport is easier said than done. It requires both federal EPA approval for environmental impacts and FAA approval for air traffic impacts as well as local regulations. Could the entrepreneur meet all these requirements?

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Another question that comes to mind is whether Musk’s jet will still be tracked. You may recall how a 19-year-old had aTwitter account that tracks the tech CEO's private jet.

Called the "Elon Musk's Jet" account on Twitter (@ElonJet), it monitors the movements of the billionaire's private jet via bots that are always monitoring air traffic data. In other words, this is public information, simply reposted to Twitter.

Musk had offered the teen $5,000 to stop tracking him, but the young man responded by asking for a Tesla. Would a new private airport make it easier for Musk to keep his trips private? Only time will tell.

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