Elon Musk Tweets Image of Model 3 "Sentient" Seats in Factory

The playful CEO showcased the rows of Tesla seats and made a reference to the animated series Rick & Morty that features living chair characters.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The photo credit line may appear like thisElon Musk/Twitter

Elon Musk took to Twitter this week to share an image of Tesla’s Model 3 seats stacked in the company's factory. The CEO joked that his purpose was "sentient" seats, a reference to the animated series Rick & Morty's Furniture Universe where chairs are living beings.

Pass the butter

To further clarify his post, Musk tweeted a video link featuring a scene from the series. The YouTube video is entitled "What is my purpose? You pass butter." and shows the moment a device painfully realizes its only goal is to pass the butter.

Followers of the CEO immediately picked up on the joke joining in the fun. Some inquired how sentient the seats would be while others playfully asked if they would be able to "pass butter."

Other more observant posters noticed the "white seats" located in the back of the factory. This tweet received a reply from the CEO himself complimenting the follower for a "Good catch."

Covered in red

The interactions were posted late Friday when Musk was preparing for work trips back and forth between the Fremont factory and Gigafactory 1. He later posted a live video from one of the factories in real time.

The video was later followed by another image of a Tesla factory giving a small glimpse into the process of cars being painted red. Ever the jokester, Musk mentioned how suspicious the factory looked covered in red, a reference to the color's association with blood.


On a more serious note, the CEO did earlier indicate that the Fremont GA4 line was "great" and complimented his Tesla GA3 crew for performing "miracles."

The Fremont factory recently made headlines for its innovative tent-like structure that Musk praised as potentially even better than traditional buildings.

Perhaps the biggest conclusion to draw from these tweets is confirmation that Tesla is successfully starting to build more of the Model 3 Performance Dual Motor.


The rows of white seats featured in Musk’s picture tweet could be a safe indication that production of the top-tier variant of the vehicle is ongoing since, for the time being, white seats remain exclusive to the Model 3 Performance.



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