Engineering Apprenticeship: How to Jumpstart Your Career as an Engineer?

Apprentices do not require prior education or experience. You might not need a college degree to be employed as an engineering apprentice by a company.
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Being an apprentice isn’t as popular as it was back in the day. However, engineering apprenticeships still do exist and you can easily find them within the engineering field.

How does the concept work?

People who are looking for new career opportunities can apply to become an apprentice. Apprentices do not require prior education or experience; in fact, it is primarily meant for people who lost their job and are considering other careers or those who dropped out of school.

Given that certain fields of engineering are specific (especially electric and mechanical engineering), you might not need a college degree to be employed by a company. Instead, you just need to learn some basics and to have the proper working mentality.

Levels of engineering apprenticeships

Countries that have such programs (like U.S. and U.K.) also have companies that are willing to accept apprentices. Of course, types of engineering apprentices they accept depend on technology they’re using. The most important thing is that applicants will get a wage during the year (years) while on apprenticeship.

Potential engineers can apply for several types of apprenticeships:

-Intermediate apprenticeship, which is on the level of GCDE

-Advanced apprenticeship, which is on the A-level

-Higher apprenticeship, which is on the level of foundation degree

-Degree apprenticeship, which is on the level of Bachelor’s degree

Basically, people who start the program will be able to work, get the full training and improve engineering skills while learning for a degree all the while.

On top of it all, company that provides apprenticeship will also have to support you by paying for the degree and may even help you out by including a bursary. That’s a quite an opportunity for anyone.

How to apply?


Proper application is necessary so that a company can consider your application.

The employer may also consider your current technical skills, your knowledge of mathematics and other subjects which may be important during apprenticeship.

Please have in mind they also have the rights to perform some additional tests.

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