Engineers develop efficient cooling cars for mines

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Working in the mining industry is one of the risky professions in the world. Usually the mining workers are affected by heat and various types of skin diseases. In the mines, whether it is a gold mine or a coal mine, the workers have to work under the underground heat of 50c. However, the heat does vary on the depth of the mine and as the mine goes deep into the earth, heat increases. In order to do work in this condition, it is necessary to make the temperature cool as far as possible.

It becomes the main concern of the mining companies to bring the temperature down to save manpower. Some mining companies provide big air coolers in the mines. But it is not the solution. Because the basic needs in the mines are big ventilators and cool water resources. Recently mining engineers like William van der Meer attempts to create a cooling car model to make the heat exchange cool between the ventilation air and the cool water. The cooling car has a fine heat exchanger tube. The cooling arrangement of the machine can reduce heat at three different level of air flow and water temperature.

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The cooling car is created on the basis of the Flownex system, which is based on thermal fluid simulation software system. It creates an accurate two phase fluid and combines it with another fluid in order to create a mixed fluid. Here comes a comparison chart between the Colburn J Factor and Reynolds numbers, which helps you know about the performance of the cooling car. You can see that the cooling car performs its duty of cooling air flow and water with a margin of 5 % error, which is almost perfect. This machine also saves the power consumption. This project won a special award in the innovative category at ESKOM’sEta Awards.