Engineers of the future could start off with the Buildies system

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Many children love to construct things and Lego is often one of the favourites of choice for toys. Children also like to make pretend forts, boats and houses, often using cardboard boxes, blankets and anything else they can lay their hands on. Now there is an alternative for all the budding engineers and architects out there in the form of the Buildies system. The system was designed by a dad for youngsters, or even adults, to build their own forts and houses.


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 The Buildies system is in the form of blocks that interlock, in much the same way as Lego blocks do; only these are life-size blocks. There is also a form of “mortar”, which means that whatever is built is sturdy. The system will allow children to play along with developing skills such as problem solving, mathematics and spatial. While they are playing, children can actually learn about physics, engineering and architecture.


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With the Buildies system children are only limited by their imagination when it comes to building. The blocks all interlock with each other and are held with “mortar”, while the pieces for the roofing also interlock with the blocks. However the roofing pieces can be used for other things too, for instance it could mimic a drawbridge, the hull of a boat, or whatever the child wants to design.


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The Buildies system comes packed in a box and contains full blocks along with single ones, block plugs, mortar pieces and roof pieces.


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Once the children have finished building whatever their heart desires and playing in it, the whole thing can be taken apart and then stored neatly back into the box ready for the next time. The designer of the product knew all too well that children love nothing more than playing with cardboard boxes and using them to make things. This is why they chose recycled cardboard for the Buildies system.

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At the moment the project is a Kickstarter and the team has the final prototype ready along with batches of Buildies on a small scale. They are offering the engineers starter kit which comes with 4 full blocks, 4 connector strips, a roof section, 2 roof trusses, 2 roof cross pieces and 24 spare plugs for $25. There is a Theatre/Bed Fort kit for $65, Early Bird Fort Kit for $120, Regular Bird Fort Kit at $150, $300 Fortress Kit, Castle Kit at $450 and for $600 you can get the Great Wall of China Kit.


[Image Source: Buldies]

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