An Enormous Tower in Greece Is Basically the World's Tallest Plant

And it will be the tallest structure in Greece!
Brad Bergan
The concept for the Marina Tower in Greece.Foster + Partners

Green is in vogue as sustainability becomes a necessity in urban planning.

And the Marina Tower from Foster + Partners is slated to become the "first green high-rise building in Greece", in addition to the tallest building in the nation, according to a recent press release from Foster + Partners.

And, with only sustainable materials used in its construction (which could involve a wooden superstructure), it also feels like the world's largest plant.

Foster + Partners Marina Tower project could rise in 2026

Marina Tower is currently under development by Lambda Development, and if it goes up, it will be near Agios Kosmas, close to Athens, and rise to 656 ft (200 m). This is nearly twice the height of the tallest existing building in Greece, called Athens Tower 1, which is 337 ft (103 m) tall. For reference, London's The Shard is 1,016 ft (309.6 m) tall, which means an addition like Marina Tower wouldn't really break any global records for high-rise projects. As of writing, there's not much public information yet available on the super-green project, but it will include 45 floors, and employ natural ventilation to keep interiors cool while still providing insulation and shade. The view from the tower will stretch far down the Greek coastline.

"Located in the Agios Kosmas marina area and one of Ellinikon's first architectural landmarks, Marina Tower will be the tallest building in Greece and the tallest green beachfront high-rise building in the Mediterranean," read the press release. "With the dominant green and water features, natural light and unobstructed sea views, the building brings an innovative design approach to the region." The forthcoming tower will comprise one of Foster + Partners greater Ellinikon Masterplan projects, which are slated for completion in 2026, and collectively aim to alter the site of a defunct airport into a new, residential-heavy district, with leisure, retail, entertainment space, and cultural goings-on.

Major corporations are transforming living and working spaces

Notably, Foster + Partners wants every neighborhood of their project to be "self-sustaining," using materials that are entirely eco-friendly to build it, although it remains unclear of what materials these buildings will consist. Notably, the company has launched other projects that place greenery at front-and-center. For example, The Forestias, the Guangming Hub, and Avenida Cordoba 120 are also conceptually adjacent to Marina Tower. But despite ambitious sustainable building developments, it's hard not to feel a little hesitant about becoming a future resident of what seems, from a domestic comforts perspective, like a big plant. But maybe it's for the best, and could involve a communal effort of gardening, farming, and self-sustainable living (although with retail hubs going up next door, this is unlikely).

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