Erembald is a tailor made laser cut stainless steel bike

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If you want a bike that is unique you may be interested in the Erembald bike as it is made from stainless steel and is laser cut and made to order. The idea for the bike came from Tobias Knockaert and partner Karel Vincke. The pieces for the bike are laser cut and then put together like a puzzle.


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Each of the bikes is made to order and it comes with a seat post that is not adjustable, while the handlebars are made to fit for the client. To make the bike even more unique the frame is laser-etched with the name of the owner.


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Each of the tubes is laser-cut to the exact size of the individual client and it comes with interlocking bits on the ends. When the tubing has been cut to size they are then fixed together like a puzzle by hand and then welded. The interlocking parts mean that the pieces of the bike can be kept in place while being welded without the need for a jig to hold it in place.


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The designers of the bike have showcased the laser cutting technology by cutting designs out of the tubes of the bike frame to make patterns. A bike was tested on the roads of Belgium and it gave excellent results. Lab tests were also made on the bike and these revealed that the frames were 1.5 times stiffer than that of a carbon fiber racing bike frame. The bike doesn’t come in at a lightweight though as it is 12kg.

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The cost of the Erembald bike is US$1,700 and Karel and Tobias are planning a limited run of 50 single speed bikes. They are looking into setting up a more cost and production time effective system in the future which would allow clients to input their measurements along with any preferences on their website. The custom bike could then be automatically laser cut and assembled.



[Image Source: Eleventwentyseven]

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