Escobar Inc's Raunchy Foldable Phone Release Might Be a Scam

With no phones in sight, Escobar’s brother might have sold a book and a pamphlet for $349 after all.
Derya Ozdemir
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The $349 Escobar Fold 1 came out of nowhere two months ago with a specifically designed website and a commercial showing off the golden phone alongside bikini-clad women. Now, Pablo Escobar's brother Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria has announced that another foldable phone named Escobar Fold 2 can be bought from Escobar Inc's website.

This raises some questions. Fold 1's suspiciously low price was a topic of debate ever since the unveiling, and many people had questions about the legitimacy of the phone. The company doesn’t have a track record of electronic products, let alone phones.

Things start to feel especially sketchy when you release a new phone before the customers get their previous orders.



While it is unclear how many devices were sold, allegedly no one received their order. There are some YouTubers who claim to have received their Escobar Fold 1 already, however, people are debating their credibility since these are all new channels with no prior videos.

Customers are voicing their concerns over Reddit subreddits and YouTube videos. Apparently, some users received their mail, however, when they unboxed the package, a surprise was waiting for them.

The package only had a pamphlet and a book, and the foldable was nowhere to be seen. The "lucky" buyers who got their mail could read the book which included an explanation from Robert Escobar where he explained that the customers will be upgraded to a Fold 2 shipment in March, instead of getting their Fold 1's. 

The pamphlet is true to the brand’s nature, so it probably won't come as a surprise.

The pamphlet declares, “Congratulations! Hi! You have been complimentary upgraded to the Escobar Fold 2. The production is slated for a March shipment. In the meantime, enjoy this free limited edition autobiography book complimentary as well from your new friend, Don.”

Escobar’s premise seems to stay the same whether the phone exists or not.

You can watch this YouTube user’s unboxing from here.


Interesting Engineering has contacted Escobar Inc, however, we are yet to receive a response. If an answer is received, we will update the article accordingly in the future.

In the meantime, it is still unclear if anyone will get the Fold 1, or for that matter the Fold 2. This whole thing might be a scam, or people might, hopefully, receive their phones in March as promised.

However, people of Reddit seem to have made their minds up regarding the situation.

In response to " is anyone actually getting a fold 1?" from r/EscobarFold1



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