EV Truck Sets Range Record for Driving 683 Miles on a Single Charge

That’s almost ten hours of nonstop driving at highway speeds.
Ameya Paleja
The electric truck that covered 682.88 miles on a single chargeFuturicum

For those who wonder whether electric vehicles will ever be able to match the range of fossil-fuel-powered trucks, the teamwork between DPD Switzerland, Continental and Futuricum has given the ultimate reply. Their project,  an electric truck has set the Guinness World Record for driving 682.88 miles (1,099 kilometers)  in less than 24 hours and all without a single recharging stop, a press release said. 

As more people try to transition to electric vehicles, the biggest question still remains about heavy trucks that do the bulk of the cargo movement and are still powered by carbon-emitting fuels. While some companies have begun trials for electric trucks, the need of the hour is to switch to them as soon as possible.

DesignWorks Products AG, a German company, specializes in custom electric solutions for a wide range of logistics and transport services. Under its brand name, Futuricum, the company converted a Volvo FH truck into an electric one for the Swiss wing of the transport company, DPD Group. This e-truck has been on the streets working under real-world conditions for the past six months. To showcase their technology, the companies agreed to attempt the Guinness World Record. 

Joining the two was the premium tire manufacturer, Continental, which provided its EfficientPro tires for the big day.
"The EfficientPro is a tried-and-tested model that has been developed especially for long-distance transportation," said Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Product Development Truck Tires at Continental. "Our tires enable high mileage and extremely low rolling resistance and thus offers the essential characteristics for the economical operation of electrically powered commercial vehicles."

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The record attempt was made at Contidrom, a 1.7 mile (2.8 km) oval track, that is also tire manufacturer's in-house test center near Hanover. Two highly experienced commercial drivers drove 392 laps around this circuit in 4.5-hour shifts at an average speed of 31 mph (50km/h). Strong winds blew across the track at 11 mph (18 km/h) and sometimes even hit the 25 mph (40 km/h) mark. 

However, after covering just under 683 miles (1099 kilometers) in 22 hours and 56 minutes, the team secured the Guinness Record for the "Greatest distance by electric rigid truck, single charge."

With the record under its belt, the companies have shown that e-mobility and sustainable solutions for heavy transportation are here. 

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