Ex-Amazon Engineer Designs App that Reportedly Translates Cat Meows

This engineer might be making a Disney dream come true.
Derya Ozdemir
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Cats, dogs, and babies -- it can be a challenge to understand them, but it is for sure that when they want or need something, they'll make it known, even if you don't really get them.

A former Amazon engineer who worked on Alexa and is now a project manager at Akvelon has unveiled a new app called MeowTalk that might help you with understanding your cat's meow, per Akvelon's press release


Javier Sanchez was inspired to develop this tool for cats after watching the NPR series "The Secret Language of Cats", GeekWire reports.

He thought he could use his experience with Alexa on this app, and after researching, Javier and his team realized that cats have roughly nine calls.

The team built MeowTalk (on iOS and Android) based on these basic emotions and messages. From "I'm hungry," to "I'm happy," users can find translations for a range of cat emotions. The app lets you record your cat's meow and translates it. Moreover, users can help the app and improve accuracy by fine-tuning the reactions, and can add custom messages such as "I want my toy!"

Ex-Amazon Engineer Designs App that Reportedly Translates Cat Meows
Source: MeowTalk for Android

The app is the first step; however, the ultimate goal is to make a collar that will translate with a voice response. As of now, the science behind the app is not perfect and it relies on its users to increase the quality of the translations. 

The app is reportedly still being improved, per King 5. Sanchez and his team are working on an update that will have other languages besides English. 

When it comes to fruition, it might help you with your cat's meow, but you'll still need to consult your mom or dad for the baby and a dog whisperer for the puppy. Still, it's worth a shot since it's better than getting scratched.

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