Ex SpaceX Engineers Launch Robotic Pizzeria That Can Make and Bake in 5 Minutes

Brought up to speed, the robotic chef can churn out a pizza every 45 seconds.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Back in January of 2020, we brought you news of a pizza-making robot from a Seattle-based company called Picnic. 

The system was small enough to fit in any commercial kitchen without any retrofitting. The base modules were only 2 feet (61 cm) wide, making them highly portable and easy to fit on food trucks. The robot was set to revolutionize the food industry.

Now, a new pizza-making robot has been launched, this time by three ex-SpaceX engineers: Benson Tsai, Brian Langone, and James Wahawisan. The pizzeria is called Stellar Pizza and it can make, bake and top a pizza in under five minutes, according to Business Insider.

A pepperoni or supreme pizza is amongst the choices offered by Stellar Pizza and customers can even conceive their own pizza with toppings that include onions, bacon, chicken, and olives.

The question is: will this robot steal jobs? Probably not as the food service industry currently has a global shortage of labor. It is estimated that there are 800K open food-service jobs today, a number set to double over the next decade. 

This means Stellar Pizza will be increasingly a much-needed device. It will provide a cost-effective way of filling those unwanted positions in the food industry since using the robot does not cost as much as a human employee. 

And in many ways, Stellar Pizza is better than a human worker. Its robotic nature can allow it to accurately track exactly how much ingredients have been used in making each pizza in order to better calibrate operations and reduce waste. 

Any company looking to cut costs and increase productivity would be indeed wise to consider Stellar Pizza. The pizza-making machine also fits into the back of a truck which means it can be deployed anywhere from office kitchens to party venues. Yummy!

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