This 37-Tonne Excavator Has Been Converted into a Dual-Fuel Hydrogen Power Machine

Additionally, a hydrogen refueler that can deliver up to 1325 lb of green hydrogen at 350 bar was introduced.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Belgian hydrogen power specialist CMB.Tech and crane equipment manufacturer Luyckx have transformed a 37-tonne Hitachi ZX350LC-7 excavator into a dual-fuel engine that can be powered on either hydrogen or diesel and it's a sight to see. The company claims that the dual-fuel approach is a world-first, which allows the machine to use hydrogen where it is available and diesel where it is not.

"Driven by the wishes of our end users and fleet owners, we launched an own initiative feasibility study with regard to possible alternative solutions that help to reduce CO₂ emissions, make the machine park more sustainable and do business in a socially responsible way. We have been looking for the right solutions for several years. The challenge was mainly in the area of energy requirements for heavy machinery," Jos Luyckx, CEO Luyckx, said in a statement.

CMB.Tech also introduced its new mobile hydrogen refueller that can deliver up to 1325 lb (600 kg) of green hydrogen at 350 bar. The refueller works for excavators, but also for other applications such as trucks, port equipment, ships, and gensets leading the company to claim that the mobile refueling station will be the answer to hydrogen supply delivery in maritime and industrial applications.

Meanwhile, Roy Campe, CTO CMB.TECH, added that the additional cost of the machines in the sector is rather limited because the pounds of hydrogen used go directly to CO₂ reduction. "As of today, we offer the applications to enable up to 8 tonnes of CO₂ reduction per site per day, anywhere in the Benelux, without operational restrictions at the lowest possible cost," Campe said.

The firms both claim that with the introduction of this machine, companies within the sector will be able to embark on a green energy transition without depending on the availability of hydrogen.

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