Exciting New Feature on Shazam App for Android: Music Now Discoverable through Headphones

The new feature works in the background as you navigate apps like Spotify or YouTube.
Fabienne Lang

Shazam is a wonderful app that has helped countless smartphone users discover new music. 

How does it work?

When users hear a song they like but don't know it, they open the Shazam app and press 'play'.

To catch the music playing, Shazam then listens via the phone's internal microphone, or by having the phone placed directly next to the speakers. Then, Shazam displays the name of the song and artist on the screen.


This is great in many ways, but also a bit of a hindrance when you can't find a way to make Shazam hear the song you're playing through a device's headphones.

That's where the update comes in. 

Shazam has released a new feature called Pop-up Shazam for the latest Android version of the app.  

It works with audio being played through headphones, while Shazam works in the background - something not possible until now. 

It now has a different look as well - when used in this way Pop-up Shazam becomes a floating icon on your phone's screen. It 'pops up' to the top of the screen and displays the name of the song and the lyrics for you to follow. 

Users can configure this in their settings if they wish. 

Pop-up Shazam not available for Apple iOS

Unfortunately for many Apple OS users, this feature is not available to them.

This perhaps shows how strictly Apple iOS runs and keeps a close eye on its apps. For Apple, having an app that runs in the background while others are being used in the foreground is a no-go zone. It doesn't look like this is going to change anytime in the near future.

This may be music to Android users' ears, but Apple iOS owners will have to stick to the good old regular Shazam.

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