Facebook and Google Go down on the Glassdoor Top 100 Companies List

Google and Facebook are no longer in the top 10 on the top 100 list of Glassdoor list, due to the allegations.
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Glassdoor, a website that you can anonymously review companies, released the annual ranking of the top 100 companies that you can work in. According to the list, it seems like the tech companies are the best to work in 2020. 


But seems like Facebook and Google, which were chosen as the 7th and the 8th best places to work in 2019 didn't even make it to the top 10 to work in 2020. Both Google and Facebook were considered as one of the dreamiest places to work in the tech industry, but this year even some other smaller companies seemed to get ahead of both companies; for example, a company called HubSpot, which is obviously a smaller and less famous company, took the number 1 spot on the list.

Facebook and Google Go down on the Glassdoor Top 100 Companies List
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The fall of Google and Facebook probably arises from the well-publicized internal scandals, protests, and open letters at both companies.

In November 2019, 200 Google employees gathered outside of Google's San Francisco office, to protest an unfair decision about two Google employees. 

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For Facebook, it can be explained with an anonymous open letter written by a group of anonymous employees, about the racism, discrimination, and bias to black people in the workspace. Employees wrote in the memo, "We are sad. Angry. Oppressed. Depressed. And treated every day through the micro and macro aggressions as if we do not belong here." 

Other big tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple didn't also make it to the top 10 on the list. 

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