Facebook Operations Now 100% Supported by Renewable Energy

Just in time for Earth Day.
Fabienne Lang

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, Facebook shared the good news that its operations are now 100 percent supported by renewable energy. 

The social network said in its newsroom on April 15 that it set its renewable energy goals in 2018, and in just three years it's become one of the world's biggest corporate buyers of renewable energy. 

Facebook reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 94 percent, blasting past its original goal of reducing them by 75 percent. 

The company managed to reach its goals by putting contracts in place for over six gigawatts of wind and solar energy across the U.S. and in five countries. All in all, its actions have resulted in "$8 billion invested in 63 wind and solar projects around the world," as Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg wrote on the platform.

Facebook isn't the only company that's been working on reaching a zero-emissions goal. Some 290 global companies have signed up to go 100 percent renewable over a certain timeline, as explains RE100.

Famous experts like Sir David Attenborough and scientists are joining in on the pressing topic of climate change, sharing their insights, and elaborating on how renewables are seriously needed for our planet to stay healthy.

What else is Facebook doing against climate change?

To coincide with Earth Day next week, Facebook isn't only sharing its feat of reaching 100 percent renewable energy. The company is also teaming up with climate organizations and voices to help inform people around the globe on how they can take action together to help minimize the impacts of climate change. 

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So across its platforms on April 22, Facebook will promote specific climate change-related content. For instance, it'll live stream Earth Day's virtual event where world leaders, public figures, grassroots activists, musicians, and more will discuss climate change and how everyone can help.

On its Oculus blog, Facebook will share Earth Day's immersive documentaries about preserving the planet. It's also be working alongside National Geographic on new 360 backgrounds ahead of National Parks Week and Earth Day so that people can virtually experience National Parks.

Facebook is also launching volunteer sign-ups to help organizations and people find each other more easily. It'll also promote fundraising for specific organizations across its platform, as well as promote eco-friendly shopping. 

There's clearly going to be a whole lot going on across Facebook's platforms in the coming week. It's great to hear about corporations trying to make a difference and get other people involved in trying to save our planet.

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