Fastest growing app in history: ChatGPT trumps TikTok and Instagram

ChatGPT managed to double its monthly active users since December.
Loukia Papadopoulos

ChatGPT may have surpassed 100 million monthly active users at the end of January, making it possibly the fastest-growing app in history, according to a report by Swiss banking giant UBS viewed by Business Insider (Feb .02).

ChatGPT doubled its monthly active users since December, when it had around 57 million, added the report. The app also boasted an average of 13 million unique visitors daily by the end of January, compared to about six million unique views the previous month. 

The chatbot was initially launched in November and amassed one million users in just five days. 

ChatGPT outperformed TikTok, Instagram, and Spotify

The app outperformed the growth speeds of major apps like TikTok, which took nine months to reach the same amount of users, and Instagram, which took a whopping two and a half years.

Meanwhile, Spotify only amassed 100 million monthly active users after four and a half years, according to information from data analytics firm Similar Web cited by the report. 

"In twenty years following the Internet space, we cannot recall a faster ramp in a consumer internet app," UBS analysts stated. "We cannot remember an app scaling at this pace.”

On Monday, Paul Buchheit, the creator of Gmail, stated that he believed that ChatGPT will eradicate Google's business in a maximum of two years.

However, not all are impressed. A week prior, Yann LeCun, Meta's chief artificial intelligence (AI) scientist, said the app was not “rocket science.”

"In terms of underlying techniques, ChatGPT is not particularly innovative," said LeCun in a Zoom session hosted by Collective[i]. 

"It's nothing revolutionary, although that's the way it's perceived in the public," said LeCun. "It's just that, you know, it's well put together, it's nicely done."

In mid-January, OpenAI began rolling out a premium version of the app called "ChatGPT Professional."

The premium edition offered additional features with less unpredictable availability, better response times, and priority access for a 42 dollars monthly membership.

What is the 'Google slayer'?

No word has been given on how many Premium subscribers the app has seen but considering its popularity, it’s bound to be a significant amount.

ChatGPT has already been termed as a potential 'Google slayer' and a 'Code Red' for the internet search engine.

It can write essays, pass exams and compose music out of thin air. It can also summarize topics, give recommendations, generate keywords, translate languages, solve crossword puzzles, and explain scientific concepts.

We can see why it’s so popular. What does the future hold for ChatGPT? Only time will tell, but if its growth is any indicator, it seems more good things will come.

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