Feel the Thrill of Flying and Surfing With Lift Foils' LIFT3 eFoil

Take to the air, while surfing, with the remarkable LIFT3 eFoil.
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Created: 9/8/2021

You've heard of surfing, you've heard of hydrofoils, but did you know you can combine the two? The result is one of the most exhilarating rides you can have on the water thanks to eFoil LIFT3. 

What is the eFoil LIFT3?

The eFoil LIFT3 is the latest iteration of Lift Foils' innovative and exciting series of advanced hydrofoil-surfboards, eFoils. Powered by a specially designed lithium-ion battery and highly efficient electric propulsion system, owners of an eFoil get to literally surf and fly at the same time.

After almost a decade of development, the first eFoil was launched in 2018 to much acclaim from professional and amateur surfers, and watersports fans alike. Being the creator of the first commercial eFoil (LiftFoils patented the eFoil in the US), Lift Foils has continued to refine their board designs to offer customers the most groundbreaking, or should we say, water breaking, experiences out there.

Feel the Thrill of Flying and Surfing With Lift Foils' LIFT3 eFoil
Source: Lift Foils

Their latest offering, the LIFT3, is made from a proprietary carbon-fiber blend that has been specially devised to meet very high standards. The board also comes with enhanced carbon masts and upgraded carbon fiber electronic boxes.

The company's existing range of boards is known for its strength and durability, but the LIFT3 takes this to a new level thanks to its integration with the latest carbon fiber on the market. The LIFT3 is 50% stronger than its forebears and is truly the best-in-class of its kind.

The LIFT3 also comes in a variety of sizes ranging from the 4 foot 2 inches (1.27 meters) "Pro", 4 foot 9 inches (1.45 meters) "Sport", 5 foot 4 inches (1.63 meters) "Cruiser", and 5 foot 9 inches (1.75 meters) "Explorer." The boards look the business thanks to their superior design to maximize aerodynamics and maneuverability. Combined with the upgraded construction, the new sizes reduce the weight by 30% making the LIFT3 boards the lightest eFoil options on the market.

The eFoil LIFT3 can be heavily customized

It gets better. Lift Foils' latest eFoil also comes with a range of dynamic wings, including its latest lineup of highly-acclaimed high aspect wings. Each wing is carefully crafted for effectiveness, stability, and performance, and the wings attach to the eFoil's specially designed mast.

Feel the Thrill of Flying and Surfing With Lift Foils' LIFT3 eFoil
Source: Lift Foils

These wings are able to change shape on the fly, to enhance the rider's experience by offering a true balance between efficiency and turning. All wings are interchangeable across the LIFT2 and LIFT3 and work for multiple foil disciplines, including surfing, eFoiling, or kiting, allowing Lift to provide the most customizable eFoil experience.

The board's advanced electronic and propulsion systems have also been enhanced to maximize speed and efficiency; being completely electrically powered, they are very quiet and have zero emissions when in operation.

Feel the Thrill of Flying and Surfing With Lift Foils' LIFT3 eFoil
Source: Lift Foils

The new eFoils are the fastest of their kind, offering riders thrilling rides of up to 35mph (55 km/h). Not only that, but the LIFT3's much-improved battery means you can ride longer between charges -- currently around 2 hours of ride time.

If that doesn't sound high-tech enough, Lift Foils is also working on an Elite version. The LIFT3 Elite will have all the new features of the LIFT3 with the added bonus of an upgraded carbon fiber hand controller with a soft rubber grip, an adjustable milled titanium trigger, and a colored display with speed and GPS location functions to pair nicely with the company's improved app. The Elite version also features an enhanced carbon fire prop and shroud, as well as a quick-release mechanism to switch out parts of the board in seconds. Additionally, it comes with tailored cases that are lightweight and easily broken down for storage.

The standard LIFT3 can be yours for as little as $12,000. Depending on where you live, the company offers a "fly before buy" experience with more than 300 worldwide affiliates.

How does the eFoil LIFT3 work?

Lift Foils' series of eFoils, like the LIFT3, consist of the specially designed board with an electric propulsion system and carbon-fiber hydrofoil attached via a boom directly underneath. The boom also comes equipped with specially designed wings.

These boards work via the same process as "regular" hydrofoils on boats, with the hydrofoil remaining completely submerged at all times. The wings of the hydrofoil generate lift, much like the wings of a plane, enabling riders to literally "fly" above the water at speed.

Feel the Thrill of Flying and Surfing With Lift Foils' LIFT3 eFoil
The anatomy of an eFoil.   Source: Lift Foils

The propulsion system is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery that is stowed inside the board. Riders can control the board using a wireless Bluetooth hand controller that offers high precision control of the board at all times.

The board is powered by a specially designed direct-drive, a brushless motor that is effectively maintenance-free thanks to its lack of cumbersome gears. Each motor is highly efficient and is actually powerful enough to pull two riders at the same time.

The motor drives a precision-machined aluminum propeller that is hand polished and perfectly balanced. Once complete, each propeller is then hard anodized to maximize its serviceable life.

Lift Foils has also worked hard to help riders truly customize their ride by offering a wide range of wing designs. Building on ten years of experience in wing design, you can pick from a series of nine wing front options and four optional back wings.

By mixing and matching these wings, you can be assured you'll find the perfect "eFoiling" experience for you.

Who is Lift Foils?

Lift Foils was started ten years ago and is the maker of the original eFoil and finest performance classic hydrofoils, building custom foils, wings, and boards for discerning customers who want the best out of their gear. Based in Puerto Rico, Lift Foils is a dedicated innovator in both performance and technology, and believes in the growth of foiling and the possibilities of making user-friendly foil boards for everyone.

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