Yvonne managed to balance her family life and her career very well. She followed William, who was a research chemist, to wherever his job would take them. 

“Good husbands are harder to find than good jobs.” - Yvonne C. Brill

Yvonne always managed to get job offers in a field dominated by men. In the beginning, Yvonne worked part-time jobs so that she could care for their three young children.

Yvonne Brill is believed to be the only woman in the United States who was researching into rocket science in the mid-1940s. Yvonne encountered her fair share of prejudice and discrimination. She was paid a salary below that of men. 

For the last twenty years of her life, Yvonne C. Brill promoted other women scientists’ work, nominating them for various prizes that she thought they deserved.

In part, Yvonne's reason for going into rocket engineering was that virtually no other women were doing so. “I reckoned they would not invent rules to discriminate against one person,” she said in a 1990 interview.