Dive deeper with the Fifish V-EVO: The underwater drone revolutionizing ocean exploration

The Fifish V-EVO might be small but its features are impressive.
Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji Bello
FiFish V-evo

As we continue to explore the depths of our oceans, technology is evolving to meet our research needs. In recent years, underwater drones have emerged as important tools for marine exploration. They are also called ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). The latest offering from Qysea is set to take this technology to new depths.

Underwater drones are all the rage these days. The technology behind them is improving rapidly, and they're becoming more affordable for everyday consumers. The Fifish V-EVO is a great example of this trend. 

The Fifish V-EVO is a small ROV packed with impressive features, including a high frame-rate camera capable of capturing stunning footage at 4K/60fps. With a 166-degree ultra-wide lens, the V-EVO is designed to capture as much of the underwater environment as possible. 

This camera is also aided by two forward-facing LED spotlights that provide 5,000 lumens of light and a 5500K color temperature, ensuring that even in the darkest depths, the V-EVO can capture clear and detailed footage.

In addition to its high-quality camera and lighting system, the V-EVO is also equipped with AI-based image enhancement software that digitally filters out plankton and other suspended particles. This feature allows for even greater clarity and detail in the footage captured by the ROV.

Dive deeper with the Fifish V-EVO: The underwater drone revolutionizing ocean exploration
Fifish V-evo

In addition to its impressive camera and lighting capabilities, the V-EVO is also designed for maximum maneuverability. Its 360-degree omnidirectional movement allows it to rotate on the spot and move in any direction with ease. In contrast, an app allows users to control their movements and select subjects to focus on. 

This allows the V-EVO to automatically move to keep a selected subject centered in the shot or physically move in on a subject for a closer look. It can also maintain its current orientation against underwater currents.

To ensure that the V-EVO can dive to the maximum depth of 328 ft (100 meters), it is tethered to a 328-foot-long cable. This cable allows for control of the ROV and transmits live video footage back to the surface. All recorded footage is also stored on an onboard 64GB memory card.

Exploring the depths without diving

With its impressive capabilities, the Fifish V-EVO is sure to be a valuable tool for marine biologists, underwater explorers, and anyone interested in discovering the secrets of the deep. Whether it's exploring for research, tourism, or simply taking in the ocean's wonders–the V-EVO is ready to take us to new depths of discovery.

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