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If you have ever been in a store and had to go searching shelf after shelf for the item you want only to find out that it isn’t in stock, then you will be pleased to hear about Findbox. Findbox GmbH is based in Germany and they have come up with a good idea on how to make things easier for customers and shopkeepers.


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The Findbox is a kiosk type device that is able to scan packaging and items and then lets those shopping for a replacement know if it’s in stock and can even guide shoppers to where the item is.


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When using Findbox, all you need to do is take the packaging of the item or the item itself, such as a light bulb or printer ink cartridge, and put it onto the kiosk tray. A system that relies on multi-cameras then scans the item or packaging and takes multiple images. It then uses them to build a 3D mesh, which the system can then use to analyse and check out such as the text, logo, colours, icons and shapes, and then searches the online database to come up with a match.


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The company say that using Findbox takes just three seconds to find the match and if it cannot find one then you have the option of searching for it manually by using the onscreen keyboard. Findbox can also find you an alternative or it offers to have that item shipped to you.


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There is also the Findbox LightGuide, which is what has been described as being an intelligent price tag. This links wirelessly to the kiosk and on the product hooks in the store there is a self-contained, small, LED light, that switches on to help the shopper find the item.

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The Findbox system also has an app for smartphones and this allows people to take a photo of the item they want and then upload it into the database so that it can look for a match. The system is also able to help shopkeepers as it can keep track of the inventory in the store and help with re-stocking, by telling the shopkeeper when an item needs to be reordered.

"Findbox offers an unrivalled service without which no retail store will be able to survive in the future," says Michael Unmüßig, co-founder and managing director of Findbox. "Just think of the buzz word Internet of Things that includes RFID technology. With Findbox we go an essential step further and close the gap between real and virtual shopping in an intelligent way."

The Findbox comes at a cost of 200 Euros to 300 Euros per month.

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