Finland Shares Its Free Online AI Crash Course with the World

Elements of AI was originally created just for the Finnish people.
Fabienne Lang
University of HelsinkiESU2019FI/YouTube

Finland is offering a Christmas gift to the world: a free online AI crash course. Originally created just for Finnish nationals, the E.U. nation has decided to share its Elements of AI with the world.

Launched last year in Finland, the six-week-long course is now free for use to anyone. 

The hope is to educate people about this new technology, which is rapidly growing in popularity.


Available in multiple E.U languages

Given Finland will be relinquishing its E.U. presidency at the end of the year, the nation has decided to translate the AI course into all E.U. languages. That said, even though it's 'only' in these languages that the course is available, strictly speaking, it's free for anyone worldwide. 

During the year it's been online in Finland, one percent of the country's 5.5 million citizens signed up for the course. That's a fair going given the country's size. 

Currently, the course is available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, and German. 

Other similar courses that teach people the basics of AI do already exist, however, Elements of AI has a smooth and nice design. It offers short tests at the end of each of its sections, and covers a range of topics from the philosophical implications of AI to more techy questions around Bayesian probability. 

It's meant to take someone just six weeks to complete, and each section takes between five and 10 hours