First Ever Blueprint For Modular Quantum Computers Unveiled

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A recent article published on February 1, 2017, in the influential Journal of Science Advances, has released a technical blueprint for building a full-scale quantum computer. The revolutionary design claims to give a manual to construct a large scale, scalable machine that is more powerful at solving problems than any other computer before.

"To scale this microwave quantum computer architecture to a large size, we present a fully scalable design that makes use of ion transport between different modules, thereby allowing arbitrarily many modules to be connected to construct a large-scale device." says the article.

Researchers at the University of Sussex led the team from all over the world, including researchers from Google, to construct the blueprints for a machine that once built, will be able to solve problems that other computers would take millions of years to achieve.

To achieve the required quantum computation, the modules make use of long-wavelength radiation based quantum gate technology.

First Ever Blueprint For Modular Quantum Computers Unveiled[Image Source: Journal of Science Advances]

Quantum Mechanics is a branch of physics that deal with particles at an atomic scale. Classical Physics equations have no basis as objects can exist in multiple states.

This means that instead of a classic computer that operates by using 'bits' which can take the form of a 1 or a 0, quantum 'qubits' can occupy both the 1 and 0 state simultaneously.

First Ever Blueprint For Modular Quantum Computers Unveiled[Image Source: Journal of Science Advances]

The blueprint proposes using connections created via electric fields. This allows the ions to be transmitted between modules at speeds far greater than copper or fiber-optic connections. Until now fiber optic has been the transmission mode of choice as it is far less subject to electromagnetic interference.

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Once built, this machine could answer questions about life, science and mysteries of deep space. Much like 'Deep Thought', a supercomputer from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, this computer can give us an insight to life, the universe and everything. Let's just hope we get a better answer than "42".

[Featured Image Source: University of Sussex - Communications and External Affairs/Youtube]

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