First Commercial Drone Delivery Operation to Begin in Australia

Project Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, just won approval for the first commercial drone delivery operation in the world.
John Loeffler

The world's first commercial drone delivery service has been approved in the Australian city of Canberra.

Alphabet Company World's First to Fly Drones For Commercial Delivery

According to a new report from the Guardian this week, Project Wing, an offshoot of Google's parent company Alphabet, has been given the go-ahead from Casa, the Australian aviation authority, to begin commercial drone delivery operations in Australia's capital city of Caberra.


Casa spokesperson Peter Gibson reported that the safety and management issues with the operation had all been resolved. “All those safety issues have been assessed so there are no risks to people on the ground, property or aircraft in the sky,” said Gibson, speaking to Guardian Australia.

The approval was granted subject to certain restrictions, including daytime operating hours, restrictions against crossing over major roads, and a minimum altitude they must maintain.

Project Wing has been running a 18-month long trial of the service and hasn't been without complaint. Some Canberra residents complained about the noise the drones produced, something Gibson said Casa did consider when approving Project Wing's operation.

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Project Wing estimates that they will deliver 25 percent of all food delivery orders and as much as 6 percent of all purchases in the Canberra metropolitan area by 2030.

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