Fisker’s Ocean SUV rolls back every window at once for that California feeling

And it will have the "longest range in the world" in its segment.
Chris Young
The Ocean SUV.Fisker Inc.

Fisker Inc. debuted its Ocean SUV vehicle to the European market at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, revealing pricing for the all-electric vehicle ahead of its November release.

In an interview with IE, co-founder and CEO Henrik Fisker highlighted the SUV's "California mode" which rolls back all of the car's windows and its large sunroof, as well as striving to get the "longest range in the world" for Ocean SUV's segment.

The electric vehicle (EV) company, which revealed U.S. pricing for the Ocean SUV last November at the LA Auto Show, also announced it has started producing 50 prototypes at manufacturer Magna's plant in Graz, Austria.

"It's very important we're in Europe," Fisker told IE. "The manufacturing plant Magma, they're known for very high-quality vehicles, and we want to make sure that we can deliver high-quality vehicles to people right away."

Prices for the Ocean SUV start at €41,900 or $37,499 for the base model with front-wheel drive and LFP battery. The Ultra starts at $49,999 and the Extreme at $68,999. Both of these come with twin-motor all-wheel drive and feature CATL cells with NMC chemistry. Fisker has yet to reveal European pricing for the Ultra and the Extreme, which is expected to have a range of 390 miles WLTP. 

That "cabriolet feeling"

The Fisker Ocean SUV also has the option for a solar roof with the Extreme model. Impressively, it can roll back simultaneously with every window via the car's California mode. While global window opening isn't unique to the Ocean SUV, we can't think of another company that has implemented it at this scale.

"We're from California and we wanted to do something cool so we developed this pretty tricky 'California mode' where even the rear windows can roll down and the hatch window and also the largest sunroof in the world," Fisker told IE. "All of this opens up so you have this almost cabriolet [or convertible] feeling and then we also have the solar roof which can give you up to 3,000 kilometers extra."

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Henrik Fisker has worked hard to differentiate the Ocean SUV, and the car's impressive range and sustainable makeup — it has a vegan interior — certainly stands out amongst the crowd. "We also worked a lot on getting the longest range in the world, which we have achieved in this segment of crossovers and SUVs and our price segment," Fisker said. "So 630 kilometers (390 miles) in the top version. So that's something that was very important for us."

The CEO has been accused in some quarters of overpromising in a similar fashion to Tesla CEO Elon Musk — the company's recent plans for a Popemobile were seemingly ignored by the Vatican. Still, with the global release of the Ocean fast approaching, the Fisker recently announced it had 31,000 reservations for the vehicle. As for any other future variations of the Ocean SUV? "We may also do an extreme off-road version later," Fisker said.

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