Flat packed go-kart can be made in hours and hits 25mph

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When you think about flat packed items you immediately think of furniture but The FlatWorks, a wooden kit company, are offering a flat packed go-kart. The PlyFly Go-Kart can be put together within just a few hours, it runs on gas and it has a top speed of 25mph.


[Image Source: Flatworks]

The PlyFly Go-Kart is offered in two different types; one a 2.5 horsepower and the other a 4 horsepower. The faster of the two has a top speed of 25mph, while the smaller offers 17mph. The larger of the two can run for two and a half hours on one single tank of gas and the smaller engine runs for around an hour.


[Image Source: Flatworks]

Both of the engines on offer are 4 stroke clones of Honda engines that have been assembled in China and of course they meet the strict US emissions requirements. The 2.5 horsepower version weighs in at 56kg and the larger of the two is 61kg, with the latter being able to carry up to 113kg.


[Image Source: Flatworks]

The Go-Kart is made from Baltic Birch plywood of 19mm in thickness and measures in at 101 x 58 x 142mm. It arrives on your doorstep in three boxes and the designers say that it can be put together in around 5 hours with just some very basic tools. Of course this time frame would depend on how handy you are at following instructions and assembling parts.


[Image Source: Flatworks]

The actual Go-Kart features a rack and pinion steering along with the seat being adjustable. It has a mount for a smartphone so that the rider can capture the action, a disc brake system and for visibility, a safety flag. The tires are foam filled, which the company says are more robust than the typical pneumatic tires.


[Image Courtesy of The Flatworks]

At the moment FlatWorks is raising funds on KickStarter so that they can take their prototype and put it into production on full scale. If things go to plan the company want to ship the Go-Kart in the middle of this year. If you want to secure one the minimum pledge is US$745 if you want the 2.5 horsepower and if you want the more powerful 4 horsepower engine it is going to cost you $845.







[Image Source: Flatworks]

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