Flying Cars Are Legal, Says Newly-Passed New Hampshire Law

New Hampshire has passed a new bill making flying cars legal, although no one can yet buy one.
Brad Bergan

Flying cars are now legal in New Hampshire, according to an exchange between state representative Sherman Packard — a bill sponsor — and NHPR.


Flying cars are legal in New Hampshire, says new bill

It seems the libertarian reputation of New Hampshire is well-deserved — as the state just passed a law legalizing flying cars on real roads. Little thought seems allotted to affordability, Futurism reports.

"There was nothing on the books that would have allowed this type of vehicle on the road," said Packard, to NHPR. "To allow them to even exist in New Hampshire we had to pass this type of legislation."

However, this law won't let anyone fly a car into the skies above the roads of New Hampshire, reports CNET, who also pointed out another intriguing technical drawback: no one can actually buy a flying car yet, despite the growing number of startups and larger firms who've announced their aim to build one.

Flying cars won't distract traditional traffic, says official

When flying cars finally take to the market — and that's a long way off -- the state law will permit their first flight on state roads, which lawmakers said wasn't previously legal behavior.

Executive Director Jeff Rapsis of the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire told NHPR the first waves of flying cars probably won't distract traditional traffic — and so will prove an easy law for motorists to adapt to.

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"If you're driving down the highway you won't see some unusual air-craft like device coming behind you," he said to the station. "While on the road it will behave very much like a normal car."

As companies like Tesla surge ahead in the race to corner the market on electric cars, it'd be interesting to see another one take to the sky, and, of course, most interesting to drive a flying car ourselves.

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