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Amazon are testing out delivery drones but it seems that Flytrex in Israel may be one step ahead as they are testing new delivery drones by the name of FlytrexSky. The drones work alongside a 3G based platform that allows them to send along with receive small packages as they are connected to an app. The company states that this is the first drone to be connected to a cloud and carry a 3G module that is able to track UAV and keep an internet connection whilst it is in flight.


[Image Source: Flytrex]

The Flytrex Sky can log all flights through the online profile which users can connect to through the internet and on their smartphones and tablets. The flying range of the drone is however limited due to the dual battery. This only allows 35 minutes of flying time.


[Image Source: Flytrex]

The drone can be controlled easily through an RC transmitter along with GSM connection and it includes a docking bay for the GoPro to provide the owner with a first person view. The drone is able to connect and fly when taken out of the box and it connects to the Flytrex Messenger along with Pilot apps on Android and iOS devices. It is also able to return home automatically along with holding its position in the air and it has autopilot.


[Image Source: Flytrex]

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The Sky drone has four hooks and two custom bands that allow for the attachment of lightweight small parcels. However the weight limit is unknown at the moment. The efficiency of the battery is also tied in with the payload. It can be flown by virtually anyone as there is no experience needed and it comes with take-off that is automated along with automated features for landing.


[Image Source: Flytrex]

The Flytrex Sky is being offered for US$649 if you fancy delivering yourself a nice cold beer on a hot sunny summer day.

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[Image Source: Flytrex]

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