Ford May Be Testing A Twin-Turbo Variant of Its Mighty V-8 'Godzilla'

The existing Ford 'Godzilla' engine is one of the most powerful in its class.
Christopher McFadden
The Ford 'Godzilla' engineFord Performance Parts/Ford

According to market insiders, Ford is allegedly developing a twin-turbo version of their mighty 'Godzilla' V-8 7.3-liter engine. These engines were originally developed in 2019 for the company's 'Super Duty' range of trucks. 

It is also their first pushrod gasoline-fueled V-8 that they have produced for a very long time. 

Also available as a pre-assembled crate engine, the 'Godzilla' is capable of pumping out an impressive 430 horsepower (320.7kW) at 5,500 rotations per minute, and 475 lb-ft (644 N.m) at 4,000 rotations per minute of torque without the need for any forced induction. 

The full package for the existing 'Godzilla' includes ignition coils, oil pan and cooker, wires, air intakes, throttle body, and both of the exhaust manifolds needed to run the engine. 'Godzilla' also benefits from a compact camshaft-in-block design that means it can, theoretically, fit into a plenum of engine bays (so long as its oil pan is replaced with a shorter alternative). This is also beneficial for racers, especially those designed for drag racing. 

The twin-turbo variant has some interesting alterations

The exciting news of an even more powerful version comes from a report from Ford Authority who quotes undisclosed sources that are "familiar with the automaker's research and development projects." According to their report, Ford has already started the initial testing of a twin-turbo variant of the enormous 7.3-liter pushrod motor in at least two Ford Super Duty trucks. 

However, it does tie in with reports from late last year of a new 'Megazilla' version of the 'Godzilla' in the works. 

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This has not been confirmed by Ford as yet, and no images or videos are currently available, however, the new engines are said to come fitted with heat shiels on each corner of the front end and a modified hood -- presumably to aid cooling.  

Since the existing 'Godzilla' is purportedly already the most powerful engine in its class so it is unclear why Ford has decided to develop a twin-turbo variant. It is also not clear what type of vehicles the new 'Godzilla' variants will be powering. 

However, it is known that the existing 'Godzilla' engines are able to deal with massive amounts of boost. Stock internals for the engine has been shown to produce over 1000 horsepower (745.7 kW) with aftermarket bolt-on kits, for example. 

Other tinkerers have also been able to swap out internals for stronger alternatives producing customized supercharged modified engines with close to 1,500 horsepower (1,118.6 kW)!

Whether the rumors are true, or just hot air, it is clear that Ford's existing 'Godzilla' is still one of the most powerful engines around -- with or without modifications.

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