'Fortnite Phones' Listed On eBay For As Much As $10,000

Due to Apple and Epic's Fortnite feud, iPhones with the game still installed are being listed for silly money.
Chris Young

It seems that Apple and Fortnite-developer Epic Games' epic feud has created a new business opportunity for hawkers quick to pounce on a perceived opportunity.

Since Apple eradicated the incredibly popular Fortnite from the Apple App Store, due to Epic Games sneaking its own in-app payment system into the iOS version of the game, people have started listing 'Fortnite Phones' — basically, iPhones with Fortnite still installed — for absolutely insane prices.


Though Apple recently removed the free-to-play Fortnite from its App Store, it has not removed the game from phones in which it was already installed. So now, sellers who have phones with the game installed are trying to make an easy buck by selling on their phones at an inflated price. Check out the listings here — some of which have actually received a few bids.

As Business Insider reports, the highest price listed so far is $10,000 for an unlocked iPhone with the game pre-installed. That is more than ridiculous seeing as you could easily get an extremely high-end PC for that price and Fortnite is free-to-play and also available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox. 

It seems that these listings are most likely a predatory scam, aimed at tricking people who aren't well informed about their options. As The Verge reports, if you had previously installed Fortnite, you can still reinstall the game by going to your account’s purchased apps list.

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