Fossil Blends Classic Design with Modern Tech in Their New Hybrid HR Watch

The watches don't look like smartwatches, but operate much in the same way.
Fabienne Lang

Watchmakers may struggle to decide if they should stick to their classic models and designs or to embrace the trendy technology that smartwatches offer. 

Fossil has been working closely with Google for their Wear OS smartwatches, but now the watchmaking company has branched out on its own.

Their new Hyrbid HR analog watch looks like a classic wristwatch but operates with almost as many features as a smartwatch. 


Hybrid smartwatches vs. regular smartwatches

If you're a fan of smartwatches that look like a thick neon rubber band, then look away. Hybrid smartwatches are made to look like ordinary wristwatches but actually include some of the features smartwatches offer. 

Fossil Blends Classic Design with Modern Tech in Their New Hybrid HR Watch
The Hybrid HR display is easy to read. Source: Fossil

Usually, hybrid watches offer a more limited selection of features and less battery life than smartwatches. 

However, Fossil's new Hybrid HR watches have added a heart rate sensor, and their battery life lasts up to two weeks after just one hour of charging. Moreover, the price is also attractive, as it starts at $195

Other hybrid smartwatches, such as the Withings Steel HR start at $200, with 25 days of battery life, and Garmin's Vivomove Style and Luxe hybrids cost $300 and $500, respectively. The latter also offers many of the same features as other hybrid smartwatches. 

Fossil's hybrid stands out, though, as the text displayed on the watches' screens is clear and easy to read. Many hybrids don't even offer a text display and simply vibrate to notify you to check your phone. 

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Fossil Blends Classic Design with Modern Tech in Their New Hybrid HR Watch
Hybrid HR heart rate display. Source: Fossil

Furthermore, the text's display has an e-ink look to it, making it easy to read in any circumstance. 

Fossil has created its own app for the Hybrid HR, which offers custom goal tracking, music control, as well as customizable buttons, among other features. 

The Hybrid HR is already available from Fossil and was put on the market on Wednesday. We'll just have to try it for ourselves to see how accurate it works, but it's looking pretty good. 

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