Game Developers Have Sony's PlayStation 5 Early Prototype and Fans Are Abuzz

The PlayStation 5 won't be available for another year, but it already has crowds gathering around it.
Fabienne Lang

Sony is working on its PlayStation 5 (PS 5), due to be ready by next year's holiday season. Just last week an image of the future game console was posted online, and the design matches Sony's prototype accurately.

Gamers and tech lovers alike are sparked up over the future PlayStation console. Even though this image of the development kit will most likely not be the exact version that's released in late 2020, it's enough to whet everyone's appetite.


Sony's PS 5 prototype

The new image of the two PS 5 development kits was shared on Twitter via a user called Alcoholikaust. Its attributes go to an anonymous video game developer.

Even though the image of the development kits will mostly not be what ends up being for sale next year, it matches Sony's patented images of the future console.

There has been speculation that the prototype is already in video game developers' hands, but this is one of the first times an actual photo of the hardware is shared online. It's always an exciting moment in the gaming world when new hardware is in developers' hands.

Sony had previously confirmed that their PlayStation 5 was going to be ready for the 2020 holiday season, but has yet to share any images of the prototype. 

Sony so far has kept the final design of the PlayStation 5 under wraps, even after sharing its development kit online earlier this year. What Sony has shared, however, are a few features we can expect to see in the PS 5. 

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For instance, a solid-state hard drive for faster loading times, ray tracing graphics with 8K resolution, and backward compatibility with PS 4 games.

We'll have to wait and see what Sony's final product will actually look like, but we're sure to be seeing a few designs popping up now and then online in the meantime.

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