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Anyone who sits at a desk for hours on end at work will know how hard it is when it comes to getting some exercise. This however could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new fitness invention tailored towards people that sit at a desk for many hours, day in and day out. This is called the Cubii and it is an elliptical trainer that fits neatly under the desk and allows you to work out while you work.


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There have been other solutions for working out while working. For instance there was the Elliptical Machine Office Desk that arrived on the market back in 2011. This was rather expensive though as it came with a price tag of US$8,000. Along with this, the design was a little over-complicated. The Cubii on the other hand is both more affordable and comes with a more compact and simple design. It even comes with its own carrying handle for portability and it has a price tag of just $319.


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The idea behind the Cubii is that it offers elliptical movement for the legs that is smooth, while at the same time making sure that the knees of the user are kept away from the underside of their desk. The machine had been designed so that it can be used without the user having to give it a second thought and so they are not distracted from their work. It has also been designed to be very quiet, so as not to disturb others working close by.


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Anyone using the Cubii while working can expect to burn up around 120 calories in an hour and the fitness machine can be set to a resistance the user is comfortable with. This means that you won’t have sweat dripping down your face all over your computer keyboard.

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[Image Source: Fitness Cubed]

The Cubii can connect to the smartphone of the user so that revolutions, the distance travelled, and the amount of calories that have been burned can be kept track of. The user can also share this on social media if they want.


[Image Source: Fitness Cubed]

The Cubii was put on Kickstarter and already it has received twice more than the target fund, a total of $80,000. This means that the final product will include Bluetooth connectivity along with smartphone charging, which means not only can you keep yourself fit, you can also charge your phone as you pedal.


[Image Source: Fitness Cubed]

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