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Fewer things frustrate travelers more than being unable to find reliable WiFi to communicate with family and friends.

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The GlocalMe U2 device wants to let you roam free without being tethered to a coffee shop's free WiFi. The mobile phone-sized device can connected to 5 devices without using a SIM card, and runs at 4G high speed.

uCloudlink, the company behind the GlocalMe U2, developed the product to help eliminate roaming costs while abroad.

The Cloud SIM technology frees up people to roam wherever they desire, no SIM card needed. When 4G signal isn't available, the device automatically drops you to whichever network is the fastest and most stable.

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Feel more comfortable with a SIM card? No worries, the U2 unit comes with two SIM slots. One can accommodate a regular SIM card, and the other can fit a micro SIM for local data.

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You can customize data packages to fit your travel schedule. This allows you to only pay for the exact amount of data used in each location.

Don't know exactly where you'll be or for how long you'll stay in that location? You can purchase a worldwide plan covering 106 countries for one year at just 29.90 Euro, or roughly $32 USD.

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You can also upgrade the packages depending on usage from 300MB starting at just a few Euro up to 3GB packages topping at 48 Euro (if you're traveling to the United Arab Emirates).

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The device's app allows users to manage data usage, package purchases and other information from the palm of their hands. Everything goes directly to the app, so no need to worry about unexpected paper bills you'll get upon your return.

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About the Company

The Hong Kong-based uCloudlink Network Technology Company wants to offer customers a "simple and affordable WiFi hotspot that would give people the freedom of international travelling."

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