Glimpse the high life in Las Vegas in the world’s tallest observation wheel

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There is now a new way to get a glimpse of the high life in Las Vegas and this is courtesy of the world’s tallest observation wheel. The wheel is 550 feet tall and has been given the name of the High Roller. It is 9 feet taller than the Singapore Flyer, which was the previous record holder.

The High Roller is now the biggest attraction at the LINQ outdoor shopping and entertainment district which was designed and built for Caesars Entertainment. The observation wheel is across from Caesars Palace on the strip and offers 28 spherical cabins, which are glass enclosed and offer 360 degree views.

Each of the cabins is able to hold 40 people and is 44,000lb. The wheel itself has a maximum capacity of 1,120lbs with a diameter of 520 feet. As you might expect with it being located on the Vegas Strip among the razzle dazzle, it is decorated with around 2,000 LED lights. The lights are ever changing in colour and range from bright pink, purple and turquoise to green and white. These ensure the wheel puts on a spectacular show from dusk until dawn.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 6.59.52 PM[Image Source: Youtube]

The cabins are mounted externally around the rim of the wheel and make use of motors to ensure that the capsules are always the correct way up. Along with offering one of the most stunning ways to see Las Vegas, the cabins on the High Roller each have eight monitors which play video and music shows.

This is just one of three motorised observation wheels with cabins in the world, the Singapore Flyer is another, along with the London Eye at 443 feet tall and the Melbourne Star in Australia, which comes in at 394 feet tall.

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While the High Roller is the tallest observation tower in the world it will not hold the title for long. The New York wheel at Staten Island Harbor Common will be opening in 2016 and will stand at 625 feet tall.

The High Roller ride lasts for 30 minutes as this is the time needed to make a full rotation. During the day tourists pay US $24.95 to take a ride and there is an express pass for $59.95, this guarantees that you can skip the line for the ride at any time. Cabins can also be rented out for parties and weddings along with there being a wheelhouse adjacent which can also be reserved for private parties. If you book for a ride in a party of ten or more, you will get a discount.

One of the best times to take a ride on the High Roller is at sunset as the lights on the strip in Vegas are out of this world and this is the best time to see them from height.


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